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Sewer wells

Sewage wells are objects of a sewer nets (systems) which allow carrying out temporary operational works in a nets.


The plastic well is used in the construction of main, local telecommunications and electrical networks, designed to accommodate connecting couplings and laying of the stock of fiber-optic and power cable. The well is an alternative to a reinforced concrete well. It is established both in a pedestrian, and in a transport zone.


  • Resistance to various types of corrosion;
  • Good mechanical stability, vibration resistance;
  • Rigidity of a design;
  • Resistance to temperature changes, frost resistance;
  • Possibility of installation in difficult conditions (high level of ground waters, low temperatures, precipitations);
  • Does not require additional painting;
  • Strength and tightness in places of introduction of pipes, cables;
  • The design provides reliable, fast installation;
  • Possibility of cutting and welding of a well;
  • It is possible to adapt the basic model to the current needs of consumers.